Top 10 Most Expensive Homes in The World

The real measure of a individual’s material wealth is chiefly gauged through his selection of abode. Let us take a peek at the most expensive homes in the entire world to observe how living the high life may attain soaring heights in prices Property for Sale in Mumbai.

1. Antilla at Mumbai, India: $1 billion

After the planet’s 5th richest person moved in to his 27-storey mansion which lords above frenetic Mumbai, it heralded an unprecedented milestone in real estate development; Antilla was the first ever billion dollar house on the planet. Inspired by tycoon Mukesh Ambani, Antilla impresses with its absolute size and outstanding design. No 2 storeys are equally within the towering construction. Its insides equal that of the Palace of Versailles. It accommodates guestrooms, lounges, dance studio, gym, fitness center, plus a six-level garage to your household’s 168 cars.

2. One Hyde Park Penthouse at Knightsbridge, England: $225 million

The toast of posh condos in London is your ultra-luxe One Hyde Park located in the fashionable area of Knightsbridge. Ukraine’s richest man, Rinat Akhmetov, paid a handsome price to maintain the topmost floor of this building. The $225 million (#136 million) land isn’t your average London apartment, being 16 times bigger than the normal three-bedroom home. Building utilised 15 kinds of rare marble and tens of thousands of pine trees in Europe. Amenities include private theater, saunas, swimming pool, wine cellar, and fitness area. The annual service fees for such land are over #100,000.


The 1920s mansion located in a 6-acre estate retains 29 bedrooms, film theater, three pools, and its own disco. The publishing magnate bought the land for $120,000 in 1947. It turned into the most expensive home in the usa market in 2007 if the present owner’s asking price was $165 million.


The Victorian villa owned by Elena Franchuk, remarkable AIDS awareness advocate from Ukraine, brought #80 million or $161 million as it was bought. Formerly a woman’s college, the Grove was created to develop into a home in 2006. The huge refurbishment gave the historical building its existing attributes – five storeys, 10 bedrooms, sauna, room theater, and entertainment area. This Victorian villa is situated in London’s Kensington district.


The mega-mansion conveys French chateau elegance and homes 123 bedrooms, tennis court, bowling alley, and 3 bedrooms. 1 unique quality of the manor is the whole floor used as cupboard space. The apparel of new proprietor, 22-year-old Petra Ecclestone, will likely occupy that area.


Its place at Starwood Ranch grants personal access to a number of Colorado’s finest slopes. The 135-million-dollar home has 15 bedrooms in addition to 27 baths and is much larger than the White House.


Fleur de Lys is a sprawling 3,809-square-metre mansion motivated by Vaux-le-Comte, a 17th century chateau which was also utilized as a version for the Versailles palace. It’s been in the marketplace since 2007 for $125 million. The insides of the mansion talk of French influences, from the handpicked limestone adorning the walls into the 24-karat golden trimmings. Period furniture connected to Napoleon and Marie Antoinette creates a trip to the Fleur de Lys nothing short of a museum-like encounter.

8. Maison de l’Amitie at Florida, United States: $100 million

Donald Trump’s beachfront house, Maison de l’Amitie at Palm Beach, stands on 7,432 square metres of property and homes 15 bedrooms, a whirlpool, a ballroom, a tennis home, a guest house, and a resplendent pool. Initially put in the marketplace for about $ 125 million in 2006, the palatial house was offered to Russian mogul Dmitry Rybolovlev for about $ 100 million two decades later.


Bran Castle, otherwise called Dracula’s Castle, sprawls amidst 20 acres of mountain-top land in Brasov, Romania. It boasts 57 rooms which still exude Old World charm. It was known as Dracula’s Castle since it was frequented by Vlad the Impaler, better called Count Dracula. The palace is presently possessed by Archduke Dominic Habsburg. He still hasn’t found a ready buyer to its castle, whose real worth is thought to be $135 million.


Updown Court stands bigger than the combined Regions of Buckingham Palace and Hampton Court Palace. The expansive mansion a part of a 58-acre property sold for about $ 56 million after being discounted from the marketplace for six decades. It is possible to get a cinema, bowling alley, and pools within the 103-room residence.



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