Cover Bands – Theme Ideas For Corporate Events

Top topics for corporate occasions surprised us. We really expected to find dancing topics, or costume themes, or perhaps period themes are the most popular and on peak of the listing for selecting cover rings, but that major group concept fell flat when we understood the BIGGEST topics for corporate events had more to do with actions shooting slogans, and unforgettable music which set them into actions band boeken bruiloft. A few of those ideas may shock your socks off, but we are likely to move with them anyways.

If you are in business and understand just what a Monday morning in the office looks like, you may really understand this idea. Everybody arrives looking like their last dog died over the weekend, even interrupting their alarm clock, also begging for one more visit the coffee store. Well it is about time, “Monday morning became all I hoped it would be… ” Can you envision a cover ring presenting popular songs of the early 1960’s age to market your Make it Happen Monday Corporate Event?

Two – Partners of Excellence

Whenever your company actions out on a spouse, pairing program, to attract teams of co-workers into the forefront of the company success group, they may understand the idea should they kick off it with a few two-steppin’ country swing.

4 – Great Expectations

If you could arrive with the man in the black limo, dance the night away in a white ballroom gown, and leave with the man in the black leather bow tie, your expectations of greatness might improve… So why not? Bring in the brass, big band sounds, and invite your team to arrive in black ties and white gowns. Present each woman at the door with a white rose, except for one… She gets a red rose, and at the end of the night, you’ll reveal that she is your highest expectation for the next month’s sales. Corporate events allow for everyone to present their best, why not present your top achievers at your event? Why not?

5 – Don’t Stop Believing

Journey back in time to small town girl, a midnight train, the smell of wine and cheap perfume, a city boy, and the knowledge that she can do anything. Anything her heard desires… This night motivates the corporate team players to accomplish greatness and the cover band plays tunes by Journey.

6 – California Dreaming

Surfin’ sand, along with the Beach Boys music played by a cover band with dancers maintaining an abysmal conquer? You know the songs, sing together, and inspire your company staff to California dreaming types of living, functioning, and company.

7 – Shoot for the Stars: Showtime

This is the fantasy team. Cloudy mist, dark night, celebrities glittering within the ballroom, along with the pay band plays with the misty moonlight fantasy songs of your childhood, drenched in love for those couples in your business who discuss the major dream of accomplishing higher targets, resulting to excellence, and attaining their best accomplishment. The Best Showtime Band brings on the night in fashion. A corporate occasion to remember…

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